Friday, June 17, 2005



I am in Sitka, as I write. I'm in Sitka. I'm going to have to repeat this to myself seven hundred times before it feels real. Sharon and Lyn (photography teacher, super cool) and I were walking back from town, after slurping milkshakes from the Harry Race pharmacy (I broke my no-dairy rule) and stopping in the health food store for gluten-free supplies, and looking into the Back Door (great soy lattes) and asking about Sunday cinnamon rolls (because Mojos is gone! What?!). And we looked up to see an enormous bald eagle, just above our heads, soaring in the golden light against the dark green trees, more powerful than us. He reached out his giant yellow talons, slowly, then descended, as though soaring, but downwards. Lyn had tears in her eyes, and I did too.

I love this place.

I feel like I'm in a different country, already. I finished writing my last evaluation at 8 am this morning, with no frenzy or panic. Just work. I'm now on summer vacation. But I don't even feel like I need to celebrate. I'm in Sitka. And the last day of school already feels like seven days ago.

The light outside the window right now looks like liquid gold.

I'm home.

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