Friday, July 15, 2005


summer in Seattle

In the last week I have:

--kayaked Lake Union twice. (I bought a year-long pass to the Northwest Outdoor Center, so now I can just drive by on Westlake, stop by, and say, "Hey, give me a kayak for a couple of hours." And they do. There will, clearly, be more about this later.)
--made homemade pesto, hummus with kalamata olives, arugula salads with meyer lemon dressing and fresh goat cheese, and a gorgeous pasta tonight with sauteed zucchini. (Thank you Ballard farmers' market, the PCC in Fremont, and ChefShop, my new find for today.)
--finished editing and sending off an essay to The New York Times (fingers crossed that they take it)
----hiked Annette Lake with my dear friend, Meri (ah, lovely. If you want to see pictures, go to
--slept in late every morning, because I can in the summer, and I dream well when I sleep long (Sitka sneaks in there all the time, but more and more, it's open spaces)
--talked with dozens of friends on the phone, from all over the world (Yael, come to Seattle in August!)
--helped a filmmaker friend edit his movie script while we sat in front of Macrina Bakery with tall Americanos and chocolate ganache cupcakes (dear Clown. What would I do without our friendship and vigorous arguments about dialogue?)
--meditated every morning (either sitting or on the water)
--read half of Bel Canto (I can't decide if I like it yet)
--saw Me and You and Everyone We Know at the Uptown, and loved it, especially the light (you should see it)
--had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a different friend nearly every day (I have to slow down more)
--did my dishes (honestly, it's pretty great to have the kitchen clean)
---walked around Discovery Park singing (thank you, iPod)
--planned my 40th-birthday extravaganza for next year (maybe, if you're lucky, I'll invite you. More details to follow.)

That's summer in Seattle: vivid experiences and lots of parentheticals.

All my love,

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