Friday, July 29, 2005


walking in dappled sunlight

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I've been gone from here for awhile. Life feels wonderfully full. In the last week, I have:

--hiked to Wallace Falls
--kayaked Lake Union with Julie on a quiet, open-skied morning, for two and a half hours
--walked in the Greenwood Seafair parade, pelting kids with candy
--met up with a new group of writers
--started meetings for teaching at The Hugo House
--started writing for Seattle Metblogs
--cooked new recipes and took photographs of them
--wrote every day for four to six hours
--gone to the pool and floated around
--felt alive and kicking.

Good life.

Mostly, I've been putting my writing energy into a) the gluten-free book project; b) the gluten-free blog; c) Seattle Metblogs, the Seattle site for Metroblogging, where they asked me to write, which is quite a nice coup; d) sending out an essay every Friday for publication, which means selection and editing and not-too-much fretting; e) the novel; f)emails to y'all.

This blog is slowing down, therefore. I'm putting most of my blog energies into the gluten-free one since I think that will help people more, and because I want thousands of people to read that one. So read that one, then tell your friends.

This place will be more for quips, brief asides, exultations, and quotes. Keep coming back. I just won't be here every day.

I hope you're feeling as well stretched as I am these days.


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