Tuesday, August 02, 2005


swimming in summer Seattle, then writing about it

Hydrofit, originally uploaded by shaunaforce.

It's August, the height of summer. Yes, now it's tilted toward fall, the start of the school year closer than the end of the last one. But no matter. I refuse to think that way. I'm here.

I've been writing about Hydrofit for over a year, in the other blog, and even the one before that. But it continues to be one of my favorite activities in the world, particularly in the summer. Sun on my head, friends around me, and it's not even noon. The entire day stretched before me.

Now, not only do I bob in the pool every day, but I'm also having a chance to write about it in a more public setting. Seattle Metblogsrecently asked me to write for them, and I'm thrilled. It's a community blog, filled with good writers who are living in their city with an eye to writing about it. The umbrella organization, Metroblogging, was just named one of the most interesting websites out there, by Forbes magazine. And they have a metroblog for most major cities in the country, and the world.

So check it out. I'm writing different posts for that place (last night, I wrote one about kayaking on Lake Union) than I am here. And none of it has to do with gluten, or lack thereof!

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